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Water Heaters

Your hot water heater is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. It runs continuously throughout the year always making sure you have hot water. It can also cause quite the disaster if it springs a leak ruining floors, walls, and in the aftermath contributes to the growth of deadly mold! Also, if the unit is not working properly or set at too low a temperature the tank can actually become a breeding ground for bacteria, rather than killing it.

We at Rely Mechanical recommend replacing your hot water heater if it is ten or more years old in or above a finished area of your home, or fifteen years if it is in an unfinished area. These numbers may be further reduced by poor water quality in your home which will actually eat away at the tank causing premature failure.

Whether you are looking for a direct replacement for your existing hot water heater or looking to upgrade to something more efficient, you have found the right place! We have been installing both types of heater for decades. Don’t let other companies sell you cheap units which don’t maintain temperature well or aren’t very efficient! If your water heater or furnace uses metal exhaust pipe to vent gases rather than plastic the unit is less than 80% efficient!

We can install a unit which you will be very happy with which will run at 98% efficiency for a very cost effective price!

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Navien 98% efficient combination hot water heater AND boiler!
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Standard tank type hot water heater replacement

Sump Pumps

Standard replacement sump pumps and battery backup systems are available here! How nice would it be to not worry during the next big storm when the power goes out? Our battery backup systems provide HOURS of worry free water pumping even when the power is out!

After having this system installed, do what you should when the power goes out; light a candle and play some board games!

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Well Service

Do you have low water pressure? Rusty colored water coming out of the faucets? Dingy or leaky well tank in the basement? Let us replace the well tank or upgrade your well pressure switch today! Does your well tank look like this? It could be a disaster waiting to happen! Galvanized well tanks are decades old technology, upgrade today!
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