Water Treatment

The water quality in your home can have a significant impact on the health of you and your family. That is why we pride ourselves on providing you the best possible water treatment methods. We understand that everyone’s water supply is different, which is why we offer a variety of methods to get you the freshest, cleanest, purest water. Talk with one of our experts today to help determine the best course of action to give you the best water available.

Arsenic/Heavy metals

We here in central New Jersey are part of an arsenic “belt” which runs across central to Northern NJ. Many residents test higher than the New Jersey standard for drinking water and need to have it remediated. We here at Rely Mechanical offer more than one option when it comes to arsenic. We can provide you with a media to capture arsenic, or remove it by Ion Exchange. We offer many different sizes and options of both, catering to both the seller and the long term homeowner. Some of the same treatment methods for arsenic also remove other heavy metals such as but not limited to Lead, Mercury, and Uranium. We specialize in Arsenic and other heavy metal remediation from your water. We have many different options to choose from, whether it be an economical system installed in a hurry to facilitate a house sale or a system that will last you for years providing you with the water you deserve.
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Bacteria is a living organism which resides in some water. Depending on the type of bacteria there may be a number of health concerns. We can install a system to treat the bacteria and then disinfect your homes plumbing supply which will keep you and your loved ones safe.

Home/Estate Sales

We offer expedited service to fix problem water which may be holding up the selling of your home! We will quickly file the appropriate permits, install the equipment, and take a retest to the lab. All without you lifting a finger! Selling your home? Have you had a PWTA test done yet? This test can take up to two weeks to get back from the laboratory; holding up your closing in the meantime! Have your private well test results completed and failed for something? Call us immediately! Rely Mechanical Co. can spring into action right away and get the ball rolling. We know how important it is to not delay the closing of your home.
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Problem Water

Don’t live with bad water! Whether it be smelly, cloudy, or tastes bad we can fix it! Image taking a comfortable shower again and not having to worry about bottles of drinking water constantly. We can take the water from your well and turn it into pure, crisp, clean water no matter how bad it is.
dirty water & clean water comparison

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is the purest form of water filtration known to man. We can provide you with a system at your kitchen sink and refrigerator which will provide water more pure than bottled! Don’t trust water bottles with pictures of glaciers on them, read the back and see where the water really came from! With our system you will know exactly where it came from, your well!
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Water Softening

Most standard water softeners uses a process called Ion Exchange. These systems use tiny polymer beads which are either charged negatively(cations) or positively(anions). Just as opposite poles of magnets are attracted to each other, the same holds true for contaminates which are dissolved into your drinking water. Negativity charged media inside water softeners attract positively charged contaminates such as calcium, manganese, and iron to name a few. The process of removing the calcium is what makes the water “soft”. These tiny beads inside the unit can only hold so many molecules stuck to them so once a week or so your water softener will go into a mode known as “regeneration”. During this regeneration, the unit will go through a series of steps which will return the unit to “new” condition. After backwashing to remove sediment from the media bed, a salt brine is drawn into the unit from the salt tank. This brine has a stronger attraction to the media than the contaminates do and therefore knocks the contaminates off the bead where they then travel to the drain and out to your septic or sewer.

There are many different resins made today and many different combinations of resins can be used inside the same softener tank to produce “deionized or demineralized water”. Image one single water softener that can do a number of different things such as soften water, lower PH, remove ARSENIC, and more! These things are possible today with the help of all the advancements in water treatment.

It is because of all the different combinations of media that you must choose a company with the knowledge of how to use them properly so that we may design and build a system which works for you!

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